1. ybb55:

    Patricia Watwood (1971) In the Garden

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  2. lonequixote:

    Soho Nights Jack Vettriano

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  3. jonilover:

    Grief, Oskar Zwintscher(1870-1916, German)

  4. tierradentro:

    Nude Woman”, c.1910, Joaquin Sorolla. (via)

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  5. Admiring her Reflection
    Conrad Kiesel

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  6. didoofcarthage:

    Details from Eighty and Eighteen by John William Godward


    oil on canvas

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  7. pixography:

    Turo Kamei

  8. artbeautypaintings:

    The end of sitting - Jean-Léon Gérôme

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  9. 16chakras:

    Jules Joseph Lefebvre (English Painter, 1836 – 1911)

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  10. centuriespast:

    ROSA, Salvator
    Self-Portrait as Philosopher of Silence
    c. 1641
    Oil on canvas, 116 x 94 cm
    National Gallery, London

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  11. themaninthegreenshirt:

    Phillip Larkin [1922-1985]

    Annus Mirabilis

    Sexual intercourse began
    In nineteen sixty-three
    (which was rather late for me) -
    Between the end of the “Chatterley” ban
    And the Beatles’ first LP.

    Up to then there’d only been
    A sort of bargaining,
    A wrangle for the ring,
    A shame that started at sixteen
    And spread to everything.

    Then all at once the quarrel sank:
    Everyone felt the same,
    And every life became
    A brilliant breaking of the bank,
    A quite unlosable game.

    So life was never better than
    In nineteen sixty-three
    (Though just too late for me) -
    Between the end of the “Chatterley” ban
    And the Beatles’ first LP.

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  12. leprincelointain:

    Frederic Leighton (1830–1896), Lachrymae (Mary Lloyd) - 1894/95.

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  13. thousandyearsofsleep:

    Head of Seuthes III ,king of the Odrysian kingdom of Thrace from ca. 331 BC to ca. 300 BC. Found in Kazanlak.

    He ruled the Odrysian kingdom, which was the kingdom of the thracians. It was created in V cen. BC and lasted until 45 AD, when the thracians were conquered by the Romans. During the reign of Sitalk it became the most powerful state in the European Southeast. 

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  14. cinoh:


    The uncovering and exhibiting of Seuthopolis by architect Zheko Tilev, 2005.

    Seuthopolis, the city of the Thracian king Seuthes the IIIrd, and the capital of the ancient state of Odrissia, (end of IV c. BC.) was discovered and explored in 1948 - 1954 during the construction of the Koprinca dam. Unfortunately, after the dam was filled with water the first and the best preserved Thracian city in modern Bulgaria remained on the bottom of the artificial lake. This mistake, from the times of historical and national nihilism, can be corrected today and Seuthopolis can be returned into the treasure house of world cultural heritage.

    The project file can be downloaded as pdf here.

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  15. museumuesum:

    Bob Gruen

    John Cale, Lou Reed, Patti Smith & David Byrne, NYC, 1976

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