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    Kees van Dongen

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    Umberto Boccioni- The Drinker (1914)

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    Head of a veiled goddess

    Classical period

    ca. 425 B.C.

    Greek, Attic


    The presence of both a diadem and a himation (cloak) drawn over the hair suggests that this small, exquisitely carved head represents a female divinity such as Hera or Demeter. It may have belonged to a figure that was part of a high relief or the pediment of a small building. The neck and an inner fold of the himation curve quite strongly, suggesting that the figure was depicted moving rapidly to her left. Every fragment of original Greek sculpture from the High Classical period is precious; this particularly fresh and well-preserved head must have been carved at approximately the same time as the frieze of the Parthenon in Athens.

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     Απόστολος Γεραλής - Σπουδή ανδρός καθημένου με κρανίο

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    Γεώργιος Λαμπάκης, Αίνος - Άγιος Εϋπλους

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    Αδριανούπολη 2.10.1922. Όλα τα υπάρχοντα στο κάρο. 

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    Γεώργιος Προκοπίου. Πολυβολητές στη Νεκρόπολη των Σάρδεων (Μπιν Τεπέ).

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    Σιμιτζήδες στο Δεδέαγατς (Αλεξανδρούπολη).

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    Γεώργιος Βιζυηνός

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    Otto Dix (German, 1891 - 1969)

    Visit to Madame Germaine in Méricourt (Besuch bei Madame Germaine in Méricourt), 1924

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    Μικρασιατική καταστροφή. Γενοκτονία του Ποντιακού Ελληνισμού.

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    Γενοκτονία του Ποντιακού Ελληνισμού.

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    Ἡ Ἁγία Σοφία τῆς Τραπεζούντας τό 1905.

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    Παναγία Σουμελά, η Κυρά του Πόντου.

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    Otto Dix, To Beauty (self-portrait in a brothel), 1922

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